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Board of Vocational Rehabilitation & Statewide Independent Living Council Seeking Nominations

The Board of Vocational Rehabilitation (BVR) and Statewide Independent Living Council (SILC) need your assistance in identifying knowledgeable individuals who are committed to improving employment and independent living services for individuals with disabilities in South Dakota.

The BVR and SILC are both federally mandated councils that meet four times a year. Members represent a cross-section of South Dakotans from across the state. In 2020, the majority of meetings were held utilizing ZOOM which also allows access by telephone. If meetings are held in person, member expenses (e.g., mileage, per diem, lodging if needed) resulting from participating in quarterly meetings or other board/council activities are reimbursed at state rates.

More information and a nomination form can be found in this PDF packet. Nominations are due Friday, April 2nd. Prior to submitting any nomination(s), please ask the potential nominee if they are willing and able to serve. The packet is also available as a Word Document.

Law Enforcement Disability Awareness: Train the Trainer (Virtual)  Flyer

The First Responder Disability Awareness Training project at Niagara University is pleased to announce the Train the Trainer program for Law Enforcement personnel in the State of South Dakota. Developed with input from law enforcement from Virginia, South Dakota, Missouri and New York, this training both sensitizes and educates law enforcement on how to effectively identify, address, and respond to various disabilities they will encounter in their line of duty.

Content includes, but is not limited to, disabilities defined specific to law enforcement, community resources, the Americans with Disabilities Act, Recognize-Identify-Approach-Interact-Response (RIAIR) model, victimization/abuse, etiquette/interaction skills, CIT interface, service animals, and person/identity first language. This program is developed strictly for law enforcement personnel with the intent to TRAIN other law enforcement officers. This is NOT a training session for those who do not intend to train their peers. 

NU FR-DAT will track all attendees in this session relative to the department or agency they belong to and record when they train law enforcement personnel.  This is a FREE training. You must be able to attend all five sessions. Attendees must connect via the internet on a computer, no call-in or phone attendance.

DATE: February 2, 10  TIME: 12pm-3pm CST CST/11am-2pm MST

DATE: February 3, 4, 9  TIME: 12:30-4:30pm CST/11:30am-3:30pm MST

For registration please visit  https://frdat.niagara.edu/.

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