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9 Federal Programs


Protection & Advocacy for people with Developmental Disabilities

Assists people who have Developmental Disabilities.

 PADD Brochure


Protection & Advocacy for Individual Rights

Assists people with Disabilities who do not fit under the PADD, PAIMI, or the CAP programs.

 PAIR Brochure


Protection and Advocacy for Individuals with Mental Illness

Assists people who have documented mental illness diagnosis.

 PAIMI Brochure


Client Assistance Program

Assists clients of the state Vocational Rehabilitation, tribal 121, and Independent Living programs.

 CAP Brochure


Protection and Advocacy for Beneficiaries of Social Security

Assists Social Security recipients with issues related to obtaining, maintaining, or re-gaining employment.

 PABSS Brochure


Protection and Advocacy for Assistive Technology

Assists people with Assistive Technology.

 PAAT Brochure


Protection and Advocacy for people with Traumatic Brain Injury

Assists people who have Traumatic Brain Injury.

 PATBI Brochure


Protection and Advocacy for Voting Access

Assists people with voter registration and voting access.

 PAVA Brochure


SSA Rep Payee Program

SSA/Rep Payee

 Rep Payee Program Flyer

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